German Grammar in a Nutshell


My first Book Recommendation


German Grammar in a Nutshell

(Deutsche Grammatik – kurz und schmerzlos)

It's not easy to find interesting and clearly structured German learning books. Most of them are really boring. That's why I have only suggested my own TPRS lessons so far. With my lessons you learn German easily, naturally and with a lot of fun. And the best is, you'll learn a lot of grammar automatically – you can buy them here in my little web shop. But for those, who are looking for a book that actually explains grammar rules, I have a recommendation. Lately I came across a little book that sounded very promising. I found authentic everyday examples with funny cartoons and a lot of exercises. And the best is, all explanations are in English.

The title of the book is: "German Grammar in a Nutshell (Deutsche Grammatik – kurz und schmerzlos)". It covers the main rules of the tenses, the German cases, prepositions and much more. This short and entertaining little book will show you that German grammar doesn't have to be difficult or boring. The book was designed to help non-native speakers of German to master the basic rules of the language. Of course you will not become a grammar expert over night but for those, who want additional grammar exercises it will be very helpful.

"German Grammar in a Nutshell" is practical, easy to understand and amusing, so you should have no great difficulty in cracking it.

German in a Nutshell

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I will keep my eyes open and when I find more interesting books I will let you know.

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