People in the Streets


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Real Conversations

People in the Streets

If you have practiced with my audio lessons and stories regularly, you will understand the dialogs in the video below easily.

Switch off the ad in the video to see the subtitles (GER/ENG)

Was liebst du an Berlin? 

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If you don't understand the dialogs in the video right away, I recommend listening to my stories and vocabulary units regularly. You will learn to understand German easily and you will learn to speak German fluently like the people in the videos. My German lessons and stories are translated into English. This makes it easy for you to understand them.

German Stories and Lessons MP3 PDF

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If you want to learn German…

… you should listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German.

And the best thing about my method is:
– You don't need to memorize vocabulary lists
– and you don't need to study boring and difficult grammar rules!


Lucas Kern


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PS – Remember: Learn to Speak German With a Lot of Fun!




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